You’ve stared at that perfectly lovely shirt in your closet all summer. 
Let’s be real. If you haven’t worn it yet, it’s probably not meant to be. 
You could bid it adieu, give in and buy that trendy new top...or you could SWAP!

Let’s get Swappin’! Here’s how it works:
- Choose up to 10 clothing items to swap (accessories & shoes are welcome too as extra!)
- BYOH (bring your own hangers)
- Gather the above and head to The Great American Clothing Swap
- Hang up your clothes on designated racks
- Get swappin’! 

What we provide for swappin': 
- Racks and displays to show off your wares
- Friendly space and new friends to swap with
- Try-on areas and mirrors
- Free new finds!

And if you wanna go full KonMarie (have more than 10 items):
Family Rescue welcomes your clothes. Feel free to bring clothes you don't wanna swap and we will donate, as will all clothing left unclaimed post-swap, to Family Rescue

More Qs? Check out the Discussion board for starters. 

See all you Bettys there!

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