"The Lonesome Organist began in 1996 as a solo project of Chicago based musician Jeremy Jacobsen. The Lonesome Organist has 3 albums on Thrill Jockey and a fourth “Ashes…Alas” is self released.
The Lonesome Organist has performed throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Japan. The Lonesome Organist performed at the 2002 David Bowie curated Meltdown Festival at Royal Festival Hall in London and at the 2002 Shellac curated ATP festival.
Jeremy Jacobsen has recorded with Five Style, Euphone, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Via Tania, Red Red Meat, Man Or Astro Man, Barbez and has composed music for Redmoon Theater as well as The Chicago Complaints Choir.

A gentle but devastating blow to the central nervous system. The Pillowhammer lays you out and you stay there, because it's pretty relaxing down there. �Side effects may include dizziness, loss of appetite, breathing underwater, unbridled enthusiasm, weightlessness, astral projection, rash, no money, immortality, long lists.