"Kristin Lytie is a Chicago comic and union organizer who is really excited about bringing her two worlds together for this monthly show. It will feature her favorite perfomers, writers, and progressive organizations--essentaillyall the people doing good work in the world that she'd take on her spaceship. 

This kick off show we have a ton of funny people like:

Kahlil Wilson
Mary Jordan
Steve Gerard
Jillian Ebanks
Erin Grotheer

We will also have a table for information from Latino Union of Chicago- Latino Union envisions power for low-wage immigrant and US-born workers and dignified, respectful work and lives.
Latino Union works to defend the rights and dignity of contingent workers, including the right to immigrate, work, live free of oppression and violence, and provide for oneself and one's family. Kristin is on their board and wants to spread the word about the work they do. 

We will also have a table featuring local artists/writers like Weirdpunk Booksand Disappearing Media

All this for free?! Yes. But make sure you get a seat!