Join us for the First Annual Krampus Mart. An Alternative Handmade Holiday Market with 20+ Crafters and Artisans.

Ambiance provided by Scary Lady Sarah. 
Admission is free and it is all ages.


Township (restaurant and bar)
2200 N. California Ave, Chicago

Amanda Mayer - Nerdtastic
Arielle Cunnea - Skully Designs
Brianne Adelman - FrankenWerks Studios
Caroline Farrow - Land Under Wave
Cristina Beller - Asunder Art and Jewelry
Dawn Donati - Lady Stainpunk Studios
David Metzger - 8 Little Zombies, Wicked Whimsy Studio & Dreary and Naughty
Darlene Ostrowski - Do Bats Eat Cats
Dayo Steph - 6 Foot Bunch Pottery
~E~ - E is for Artist
Ellen Gipson - Rain's Wonderland
Elizabeth O'Leary - (Undercover) POPULAR
Erika Neumayer - Rare Dirndl
Heather Spear - Urbex Archaeology
Haley Lassiter - Haley's Scents & Scrubs
Jane Zia - Our Secret Garden
Jennifer Anne Buckley - Fuzzy Press Apparel
Joseph Krystofiak - Ellipsis Design / Darby’s Dungeon Chainmail
Rachel Thieme - Pretty Spooky Handmade
Roz Anomaly - Roz's Oddities
Omniobadiah Mee - Entropyware
Scary Lady Sarah - One Inch Worlds
Tanzen Lilly - Dead Poet Accessories
WalkerKDesigns - Punkhemian

(All the spaces are full)