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4 Reasons Why Men Hire London Escorts

Most men hire escorts to fulfil their sexual needs. London is among the biggest cities in the world and with tourists visiting the city now and then, offering escort services is a lucrative business. However, besides London, other areas you can get escorts include Chelsea, Bayswater, Knightsbridge, Kensington and surrounding areas. Some escorts operate on their own while others work under an agency. It is crucial to know the difference, pros and cons of the two. For instance, hiring an escort via an agency is safer because they are professionals, follow individual policies, and they are screened to ensure they are over 18 years of age. On the other hand, if you hire an independent escort, chances of getting conned, getting substandard services or dealing with an underage blonde are high.

Some of the reasons men hire escorts include:

1. One woman isn’t enough

Although not all men are like this, some men prefer having sex with different women regardless of how much they love their partners. Sometimes, their partners might be excellent in bed, attractive and even funny, but the man prefers having another woman at some time. This might sound unreal, but some men find it hard to stick with one woman.

2. Failing to get the sexual satisfaction

Looking to fulfil sexual desires is one of the main reasons why men hire London escorts. Men have high libidos, and even if they love their partners, if they are not sexually satisfied, they look for satisfaction elsewhere. The good thing that comes with hiring London escorts is professionalism. The blondes are professionals in what they do. Therefore, after offering escort services, they’ll be discreet, and they won’t text or call afterwards!

Also, it is difficult for some women to satisfy their fetishes with a woman they claim they love. As a result, they tend to hire escorts to satisfy their needs, for example, having threesomes or anal.

3. Looking for a deeper connection

Since escorts offer a wide range of services, some men look for intimacy. Although these men are married, they lack an intimate relationship with their partners. Kids, work, household chores and boredom are some of the reasons that kill intimacy in a relationship or marriage. With escorts, these men find someone they can talk to listen to and share their experiences (good or bad) without being judged or scolded! Looking for a deeper connection is among the reasons why men hire escorts.

4. Convenience

Men work hard, and sometimes they do not get the appreciation they need from their partners. Therefore, they naturally look for intimacy or validation from other women, and escorts tend to know the art. Usually, during the early stages of a relationship, things tend to go smoothly, and both partners are happy. However, as the family grows or they get comfortable, things change, making it hard for some men. Hiring an escort tend to be a good move because it is convenient, discreet and satisfying. It is easy to deal with a companion who is not nagging before, during or after sex, unlike a partner who nags about everything!

We all have our limits, preferences and choices. However, hiring an escort offers numerous benefits to men. Professional London escorts always prioritize their clients, and they will do anything to satisfy their needs.

The 5 Best Dating Sites in the World

Whether you’re guilty at online dating, or not, chances are you’ve heard about the big one, Tinder.

Why is that? That’s because there are so many dating sites developed till this day, that the options are so good and diverse and there isn’t space for the all amazing Tinder.

Want to know more? Let’s find you the best dating website to increase your chances of finding the one.

Ah, the very infamous one. Not to pop the balloon or bring up the big white elephant in the room, but where will you find that one?

In a world full of divorce, left, right and look left again, you best choose wisely, the ever-growing success rate of matching the perfect Mr and Ms.

The Best Dating Sites in 2018

  1. OkCupid

Coming in at number one, OkCupid is considerably the best dating site you could ever have asked for. With unlimited potential matches, as well as free messaging, this site won’t let you down regarding any aspect of online dating.

Not only is the site incredibly well designed, but it also allows you to value other profiles, which allows you the freedom to even seek out potential matches that the site doesn’t refer you to. According to data reports, OKCupid is also preferred above any other dating service. Oh, and one more thing, it’s free.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Have you ever heard of something more adorable in your life?

With Coffee Meets Bagel, you are assured to have some fun and hopefully, even find ‘the one’.

The site offers limits the profiles you’re able to view at a time, which allows for users to think more about whether they’d like to give someone a shot, or not.

3.Plenty of Fish

If you’re looking for a free and simple way to find your fish, look no further than this site. With a proper setup and layout of the site, along with a free mobile app, it’s not easy to compare it to other sites on the market. Following an in-depth chemistry assessment, which includes 70 questions, this site is designed to match you with the guy or girl you were made to date. Here’s to finding your fish

4.Match : 

As a site that promotes going beyond online dating, Match also allows you to have unlimited searches. After answering questions about your lifestyle, appearance, as well as what you’re interested in, you’ll be able to look for the perfect match without restriction. Now, to send a message to your match, you will require a paid membership, but with an incredible success rate of matching couples, it’s worth it

  1. Elite Singles

Presenting you with results after taking your personality quiz, Elite Singles are driven towards presenting their users with a successful app that promises results.

The site is popular and successful, due to the way it is structured, allowing you

            It might be called “Elite Singles”, but you won’t be single for long.

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